Meet the Market’s newest business La Piccola Gabbia!

La Piccola Gabbia, LPG for short, came to life when owner Gabija Janceviciute moved to the United States from Lithuania. Gabija was an attorney in Lithuania, but learned that she would have to wait three years before taking the bar exam in the U.S. She decided to follow a different passion: baking.

LPG has been in business for two years. Before moving to the 7th Street Public Market this summer, LPG was popping up around Charlotte at local farmers markets and stores. As the business continued to grow, Gabija and her husband, Anthony, started thinking about their own retail space. Multiple pitches, interviews and tasting later, LGP was the newest small business to sign on at the Market.

What makes LPG different then other bakeries in Charlotte is Gabija’s European influence and belief in balance. Gabija loves baking with fresh fruit, which she will feature in the tarts that will be a staple in LPG’s case. Nothing overly sweet and dense will be found in their case, but there will be a wide range for everyone from tarts to biscotti to cupcakes. The owners believe in harmony and balance in both life and in food. “Food is a pleasure, not fuel,” says Gabija when talking about how she bakes for people to enjoy food. Since LPG uses a lot of fruit, they partner with Fresh List Charlotte to get fruit that is as local and as fresh as possible. This means their tarts will rotate seasonally!

Expect to be welcomed by fresh flowers and by a pastry case full of bright and colorful tarts and desserts. Stop and watch the bakers preparing desserts behind a glass wall, and take note of the French pastries that you may not have seen before—but wish you had!

Gabija and Anthony look forward to collaborating  with other businesses on many tasting and dinners hosted in the Market. You can check out their space, next to Pure Pizza, now!