Not Just Coffee

“As coffee-brewing techniques go, pour over is slow and mannered. It’s low tech. It has a funny name. And yet, pour over is an ongoing obsession within the coffee world. It’s been around for years … the coffee it makes is so clean, so round and fruity, that you can fully taste all those complex layers of flavor that are supposed to be lurking in the best single-origin and micro-lot beans.”Oliver Strand, of the New York Times

We couldn’t agree more. Our pour over coffee begins with the finest beans, sourced directly from the farmers themselves, and expertly roasted to bring out the purest and most unique flavors. One cup’s worth of beans is ground, bloomed, and then brewed with a thin stream of not-quite-boiling water, hand-poured for nearly four minutes. Your patience is rewarded with what we sincerely feel is the best, most delicious cup of coffee available in Charlotte.

Recently, people who delight in the truest flavors of coffee have been discovering pour over coffee. The individual service, the ritual preparation certainly contribute to the experience, but pour over coffee is undeniably about taste.