May’s Vendor of the month!

For the month of May Zia Pia is in the spotlight.

Victoria Custodi Zabel is half-Italian and grew up to appreciate simple, authentic, and delicious foods. Zia Pia imports is the result of her greatest passions and interests: quality authentic food, Italian culture, and traveling. Her mission is to bring an authentic Italian food experience to Charlotte and to honor the memory of her Zia Pia (Aunt Pia Custodi) who was a continuous source of inspiration for Victoria in the kitchen and in life.

At the back of the Market you’ll find Zia Pia’s kitchen and bar. With red bar chairs, a delicious looking pastry case and boxes of uncooked ready-to-sell pasta, it’s hard to not want to browse. The kitchen has been in the Market for a little over a year, but her retail business has been in the market since 2014.  From the freshest ingredients, to the real imported extra virgin olive oil they use in their food, the menu is where all the magic is. Customers have a range of authentic italian choices from real italian pasta and antipasti to healthy green salads. They also offer authentic italian sandwiches which are a must try when you visit. From the pastry case the tarts are also a must try! The fan favorite seems to be the pecan pie! The close second is the Caramel Chocolate Tarte which happens to be one of Victoria’s favorite pastries they sell.

For more information on Zia Pia and Victoria visit Zia Pia’s website!