April’s Vendor of the Month

Viva Raw!

Located in the center of the Market is a small wrap-around bar with white bar stools and a large cooler housing colorful juices and grab-n’-go meals. Viva Raw started in 2011 and moved to the Market in 2012.  The business has been apart the Market for about six years now and is doing quite well.  Scott Harris, the founder and owner, got the idea to start the business while feeling a bit run down after 15 years in the financial services industry. He embarked on an almost entire life change! Starting to get into juicing and creating the business, he also changed the way he was eating, began to exercise more, and chose to surround himself with other like-minded business owners to help him get back to feeling healthy.

In Viva Raw’s first year they were sharing kitchen space with a bakery, then moved a year later to sharing a space with Nourish, Charlotte’s vegan meal delivery service.  Since sharing the space, Viva Raw has partnered with Nourish to sell individual, “grab-n-go” Nourish meals from their counter. Fresh juice happens to not be the only product kept in the cooler. Granolas, cocaditas, cashew based cheeses, and juice cleansing bundles are also sold online and at the Market. Viva Raw recently partnered with Zia Pia, Assorted Table, and Orrman’s to create monthly tastings and vegan meals. The cashew based cheeses are featured in the dishes that are prepared for the wine and cheese pairings, and the vegan dinners. Viva Raw’s cheeses seem to be a hit with almost everyone that tries them! Covered in activated charcoal and aged for one month, is the fan favorite called “Black Onyx”. It was definitely an eye catcher in the March vegan dinner.

All the juices are cold pressed to get the most nutrients out of every fruit and veggie. The best selling juice blend is called  “Green Harvest.” The beverage is made of cucumber, apple, kale, collard greens, celery, lemon, and parsley. “Pure Green” with greens, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper happens to be Scott’s personal favorite.  Between seven different flavored juices, Viva Raw uses 500 pounds of cucumber every week! After juicing, Viva Raw gives a local fruit and veggie cultivator the leftover pulp to use as compost for their soil.

If you are interested in finding out more about Viva Raw, please visit their website at: www.viva-raw.com